New Animations

2013-07-06 15:43:41 by Mabelma

Hey guys and gals, recently I've been working with a group of animators, and it's been tons of fun, we have already released to animations, check them out below, vote and comment if you like them.

Also pop by their page and check more of their work.

Artist Interviews

2010-09-06 13:44:34 by Mabelma

I've been running a blog for a few months now and it I've been interviewing artist for an article that goes up every Monday called, The RunAway Artist. In it you see how the artist creates his art, what goes up in his head and many other neat tips you can use to improve your art. I hope you enjoy them, here's a link to my blog
Below a link to all the interviews on the blog
David Ryan (M-Vero)
Ben Pyles (Captain Ben)
Gabrielle Rose
Alexander Picht (Awesome Saurus)
Zappa Blamma
Tyvon J. Thomas
Joy Macmillan (Cosmic Death)
Hunter Russell
The Wesley
Eric Dagley
Thuta (Cypress Dahlia)
If you want to suggest an artist to be interviewed or if you want to be interviewed be sure to leave a comment below or pm me. Support the blog by following it, gifts are going to be sent out when we reach the 25 followers mark, we're already at 20.