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Mabelma's News

Posted by Mabelma - 1 month ago

We are officially in alpha release mode. Go play the game, check out the poster and vote as high as you can. If you find a bug send me a dm.

Congratulations to everyone that participated on this awesome project! It was a delight to collaborate togther on this.

Thanks everyone for participating. Looking forward to making a new one,for that go join the discord.



Posted by Mabelma - April 28th, 2021

Now Live! The Alien Hominid Update. With 5 new characters to dress up and 3 new trophies to find.

Play it here:




Posted by Mabelma - March 13th, 2021


Fresh off the oven is this awesome action packed animatic I did for the FNF jam, it took me way longer than I had expected and I plan on reworking it with colors and more detail to release it on a future date, however I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I think it’s the first animatic I’ve ever done in like 20hrs total time, it will look really awesome when it’s all colored and refined.

It’s also the first time I ever use a comic format for storyboarding and honestly it was probably the best move for future animations. Bang out a quick sketchy comic and refine right on top. Quite handy process. 

Had a ton of fun planning out all the deaths and the overall story, the idea is that a couple of hundred years in the future. During the robot battles of Drop Cannon and the post-apocalypse of Tankman. Boyfriend and girlfriend team up with Lemon Man to kidnap Pico from NGHQ and brainwash him into thinking he’s a character in a videogame, but after Lemon Man’s disrespect towards boyfriend he decides to break Pico loose. Right around this time Darnell and Nene are closing in on Pico’s location and all hell breaks loose. Pico tries to forgive boyfriend but decides against it when he realizes that the reason he really broke him loose is cause he craved the mic (“fame”) all to himself and wanted to get rid of Lemon Man all in one blow.

The voices were done by the awesome @Cyberdevil 

All animated in Flash, handrawn.

When in doubt paint everything black and add a noise filter to it. 

Go check it out and give a nice rating and a review.



Posted by Mabelma - February 15th, 2021

The ultimate Behemoth art collab is here! With 80+ characters from various games from The Behemoth... we got this wonderful piece of art!

The Behemoth has created a myriad of games from Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers, Battleblock Theater, and Pit People!

It all started back in the good ol' flash days of Newgrounds with two gentlemen named Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin and their great collaboration on Dad n Me among even more fun games and projects! The Behemoth Discord community united to create an homage to all the amazing characters The Behemoth have created in their games.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped in this project, you have no idea how much this means to us!

Use the arrow keys to move around the camera, Space to zoom In, and shift to zoom out!



Posted by Mabelma - January 23rd, 2021

My entry for the Valentine's Day Writing Challenge.

Minny's Big Bite of Love

Doesn't it seem like the most eventful occurrences happen in the most boring of days?


Anna a 22 year old bike messenger lays safely in her room. Alone on a way too big of a bed for her very small body.


This room is pretty big for your standard apartment in the desert city scape of Valle de Los Muertos, Calico City. On her dresser is a picture of herself next to a beautiful ebony woman, way taller than she is. This height discrepancy is not forgotten by Anna, as she often enjoys to jokingly step on a small ladder and kiss her beloved Minny.


Minny is strong, tall, and capable. Ever since Anna can remember, Minny has been extraordinary. The first female to be promoted to Upper Management at the ad agency she works for, "BigBites". Minny, with her insane artistic skills earned a job as a Creative Director, literally 4 days after she started working as an assistant artist. This job came with great perks;

1- The amazing private parking lot at the top of the 7th floor of Big Bites building in DownTown, VDLM.

2- She could make as many calls as she needed from her big cushy office in the 5th floor. One of those calls being made at this exact moment as Anna lays soundly asleep in their share bed.


Ring.... Ring.... Ring....


"Hello Minny and Anna's residence, we are not able to pick up the phone right now, but if it's urgent you know where to find us." - the sound almost deafening in the silent hours of the night.


"Please leave your message at the tone"




"Anna, you need to be careful, something's not right.... This shit's weird...

 Samantha's been puking blood in the bathroom all day long...I told her to go home in the morning, but she just stared at me...


 I just kept walking but.... It was the weirdest thing ever, it was like she was"




A loud explosion cuts the conversation of.


Whether it was close or far, Anna did not know. All she knew was that tonight she was not getting a full 8hrs of sleep, there was no way to go back to sleep after that.


At the sound of the explosion Anna jumped out of bed, the ringing phone getting knocked down and disconnected in the process of her rude awakening.


She fell to the ground, ass first.


"Dammit! What the hell was that?!"- Screamed Anna into the night.


As she stumbled up to the window, a loud alarm started sounding in the distance, and lights were peering into her room.

"Police Lights? Did Tony get into trouble again?"- Wondered Anna.


She opened the curtains and through the window, it was not police lights that she saw, but instead she was met with a fiery mess that seemed to have originated 3 blocks down from her house.


The desert of Valle de los Muertos is no stranger to fires. The ground is too hot, the sun too powerful, things spontaneously combust almost every day around here, but this fire was different. It was too big, just too much smoke, too much sound. It was as if someone had set off a small nuke somewhere, all volcanoes started erupting and the gates of hell opened only to reveal a big mean fucking Cerberus who came out and pissed on your face.


What could have caused it?


She screamed out to Tony upstairs. He peered his head out the window an instant later.


"Yo! Why you yelling so damn early in the morning, Miss Anna?"- Said Tony looking down at Anna through the windows of the shared apartment building.


"Can you see where that fire is coming from?"- screamed back Anna from her window.


"Oh shit, yeah! It's Gnarly. A bus hit the side of a fucking building. Fucking Crazy!" - Tony said back with a tone of excitement.


"Yo, but go back to sleep, it's ok. The firemen are just arriving to the ---"




Another huge bang hit their ears, and Tony and Anna were thrown back into their apartments.


"Holy fuck! Was that the firetruck?! Tony did the firetruck hit the building too? -Anna screamed back as she neared her window for a second time this night.


Upstairs there was only silence.


"Tony?!" - Anna screamed again.


"Are you ok man?!"


Nothing. No sound came back. Scared Anna, went back into her bed and connected the phone back into the outlet, however when the firetruck hit the building, all the power went out.


Something weird was DEFINITELY happening.


"What is going on?! - She thought to herself.




This time the sound sound came from upstairs, Tony's apartment.




Anna peered out the window, she looked up, and instantly went back inside. Something had fallen from upstairs.


She mustered the courage to look out the window again but back Inside she went. Another object had fallen from the upstairs floor, this time smaller.


"Holy fuck!!! That's twice now! What is going on?!?!?!" - she screamed frustratingly as she hit the wooden tiles below her.


She got up again and back to the window, this time nothing else was falling. She looked down, and below her she could see the gruesome silhouette of two bodies one of an adult Latino man (Tony) and on top of him a small child, her neck broken from the impact.


"Damn!!!! I was just talking to Tony! What happened to him?! Is that his daughter? Holy fuck that's sick!" I need to get Minny, now! - Said Anna in disgust.


Upon this gruesome incident Anna went back to her bathroom, threw some water on her face, grabbed a toothbrush with barely any toothpaste and marched to her closet with toothbrush in mouth.


She picked up whatever was nearest to her and cobbled up what would be her outfit for the day. Converse shoes, ripped black pants and a t-shirt with the words "Don't you Dare!" screen printed in big red bold letters across her chest.


Anna was short, but lean. Strong but not big. Agile and with reflexes like a cat, this made her just the perfect person to be a bike messenger. She excelled at her job, and that is how she had met Minny.


Anna was delivering a package from a hospital to Minny's mom's residence, and it was there that Minny and Anna met. It was a very awkward way to meet the love of your life, and she'll be happy to agree, as she was wearing a "Frankie's Fast Delivery Service" hat and an outrageous blue matching outfit.

If you hear Minny tell the story, she'll probably tell you she saw her Princess Charming right there and there, with her royal blue suit and all.


Anna hated working for Frankie's, it was just boring, but it paid the bills and she wasn't about to squander it by being too friendly with a beautiful girl.


As Anna walked towards the door after the delivery, Minny's mom stopped her.


"You look familiar!"

"Is your name Anna?"


Weirded out she didn't say anything, but the old woman took a step forward, adjusted her glasses and read the name tag on her shirt.


"Oh!!! You are!!! You're like what? 22 right! Hmmmmm, This must be destiny! I think I know you're mom. Is her name Mathilda?"


Anna was surprised, cause yes. Her name was Mathilda. This time she spoke.


"Ummm yeah she is, but you know I really have to go. I'm late for my next delivery" - Anna said slowly walking away towards the door.


"Oh heavens I won't keep you, but I would love to talk to you, I know your mama from college. I don't have a phone anymore, because I just can't see those darn screens, but feel free to call my daughter, she can set something up for us." - said the sweet old woman gesturing for Minny to come give her phone to the nice delivery woman.


Fate was sealed and as Minny and Anna exchanged phone numbers their eyes looked into each other and pure romance rushed through them.


They spent the next couple of days texting back and forth, almost non-stop. Getting to know each other, commenting on how weird it was that their mom's had met in college, it was magical. 2 weeks later, they met , along with Minny's mom.They talked for hours. 2 months after that, Minny and Anna were already engaged. The wedding was packed, everyone went including Mathilda, Anna's mom who got a chance to catch up with her friend. It was beautiful, at the end of the ceremonies Anna and Minny got into a motorcycle with the words "Happily Ever After" along the sides in bright orange, and rode into the sunset.


Later that they while they parked for gas, someone had sneaked up on the bike and painted a big white "N" right before "Ever"... They did not like that one bit.


Anna opened her front door and stepped out into her front yard. The column of smoke and fire was now blazing hotter and brighter than when she first woke up. It was around 5am but the sky, said something different, with the brightest of fires illuminating the cold night like a 2'o clock summer's day.


It was weird, she did not like it. She grabbed her phone and called Minny.


Minny did not answer, but she saw a voice message on her phone. She played it.

"Baby, I hope you're ok, listen I don't think I have much time. I'm gonna come home soon. We need to pack... There's some weird going on.... Like 40 people called in sick... and Samantha killed herself... Like in the bathroom, in the fucking bathroom man... I'm ok but there's something's going on with Jimmy the janitor too... you'll know him, it's the guy we played Bingo with at the office party and kept making all the urinal cake jokes. Listen... I don't like it one bit, but... he tried to bite me.... It was fucking weird! I punched him in the nose... but he kept running for me... Listen I gotta go, I can see him in the hallway, he's coming to my office..."




Anna called back... nothing...

She looked at her phone... No signal...


Was Minny ok? What the hell was wrong with Jimmy? He was such a sweet guy...


As she reached the front of the building she saw where Tony and his daughter had landed. No one was helping, and when she looked again, she noticed that his daughter who had broken her neck immediately upon impact. Was not there.


"This is not right! I saw the little girl... she was on top of him..."


Confused she walked towards her car. As good of a bike messenger as she was, this situation needed speed. 2 hours walking, 40 minutes biking, or 5 minutes in Minny's second car?


Yeah... great delivery woman or not, Anna was not raking in as much moolah as she had hoped.


In fact, even though technically this was Anna's car as Minny had cleverly said on her 27th Birthday.


"You've given me the best present I could ever have. To wake up every morning next to the most amazing woman in the world."


Anna loved Minny but she hated pity, and would almost never use the car opting for the bike in most cases, but this time was not most cases.


As she went towards where she had parked her car in the apartment's building parking lot, she noticed that there were almost no car in the parking lot. There was of course Tony's car, her car and maybe 4 or 5 more, which was weird. This apartment building held 70 families, and on most days you'd have to find parking in the outside streets because it was so full.


She walked to the car with keys in hand, ready to open the door to the blue Toyota Echo, something hit her nose. It was bad. Not dog shit in the sidewalk bad, it was worse. More like really bad, like 2 fat kids had been playing soccer for twelve hours straight and their parents then forced them to battle to the death, and the match lasted 3 more days. The bigger fat kid had won of course, but he was so tired, so so tired, and hungry. The hunger was deep, rotting into his soul and he just had to do it, he ate his adversary. The parents upon seeing this fled to the mountains, and disowned the kid, the poor child with no money, no where to go and a death body on his stomach, he could do nothing more than to kill himself. His rotting carcass being forgotten for 20 days only to be found here, next to Anna's car.


Well not really, but that's how bad it smelled.


Then all of a sudden something screamed next to Anna's ear, a huge pound on her chest launched her onto the back of her car. She doubled down in pain. Another scream this time right in front of her. She looked up to see what was making such a horrid noise... and.... and... smelling up the place. The smell came from in front of her now.


The little girl had her neck twisted into what looked like one of those silly clown-in-a-box toys, all mutilated and dirty from hitting the pavement at such a high velocity. The smell was something even worse now, Anna saw her eyes and she could see maggots crawling from inside where one of the pupils was missing. Her skin had a look of disease, like if she had died several months ago, and then she remembered.


Tony didn't have a daughter, but Aunt Hilda her front door's neighbor did.

Aunt Hilda was a large woman, she loved wearing diamond rings, her little daughter was 4, she was a shy girl most of her life. Anna only saw her twice since she had moved in. Come to think of it, she hadn't seen Aunt Hilda or her daughter for a while now. Well till now that is...


The little girl screamed again, this time a finger dislodged from her throat and landed on Anna's foot. She looked down and kicked it off her shoes. The finger had a ring on it.


She bolted past the little girl shoving her to the floor in pure fear and disgust, grabbed her bike from the stand  next to the front door and started riding.


As she rode towards Minny's workplace she passed the big fire that had started her day in the worse possible way ever.


Between the bright orange fire and the smoke curtain, she saw very little but again she smelled the horrible smell. Like death had died inside a barbecue, the smell was so bad she felt it in her soul, and the screams! In the distance she heard nothing but screams of pure pain.


She lingered no more than 5 minutes at the end of the street where the fire had happened. She needed to leave to find Minny, but as she started to ride again, behind her she saw something suddenly lifted by the smoke cloud. She saw as the little girl who had previously attacked was had dragged the body of the now dead Tony out onto the street and began eating him, face first.


She pedaled like her life depended on it.


The ride had been for the most part pretty quiet, she saw some weird people here and there, heard a couple of screams in the distance, and a lot of gunshots, way too many perhaps. After a couple of hours she got to a green section of farm houses that connected the downtown area of Valle de los Muertos with the more rural apartment buildings. Here she found the some illusion of peace among the chaos unfolding around her. She was scared, she knew not what was happening, and then her phone vibrated.


"Hello" said Anna picking up the phone without daring to take her eyes off the road for fear of falling of her bike from the speed.


"Anna, baby! Listen you need to stay home, I'm coming to you. The security guard shot Jimmy, and... and..."


"Minny are you ok?! Where are you?!"


"Listen, I can't talk right now, I'm at the parking lot, getting to the car. I need to leave, please stay home... "


"I'm already on my way, I had to take the bike again, I'm sorry... Tony's dead and I think Aunt Hilda too, I think her little daughter ate her, I don't know what's going on, I'm scared Minny, I'm really scared..."


"It's gonna be ok Anna, I'm on my way, everything's gonna be alright, don't worry. I'm getting on the elevator now, it's just about to arrive."


The sound of the elevator arriving is heard in the background of the call.


"What? I can't believe this... Samantha... Samantha was dead I swear! Why is she on in the elevator?! How is this possible... Samantha no please stay back, I don't wanna..."


A scream on the other line, the call dropped. Anna swerved at the sound of the scream, and almost hit a truck that was parked on the side of the road. She stopped for a moment, tried to called Minny again but found no answer.


"At least I know where she is, if I hurry I can catch up to her before she leaves work, and we can just go to her dad's place out in Canada, stay in the woods for a while. She'd like that." Said Anna with a new sense of determination.


10 more minutes of bike riding and she would reach her beloved Minny, and to think that today was going to be their 5 year anniversary. Minny had taken out reservations at the local pizzeria, famous for their Italian bread sticks dipped in chocolate and their all you can eat pizza bar. Anna loved that. She had been looking forward to this day for quite a long time, she had gotten Minny a gift. It was a t-shirt from Minny's favorite band. When Anna had gotten her gift car, she decided that even though she felt bad about the whole thing, you know earning much less than her genius creative director wife, she could still love her and surprise her. So she took a couple of days off and tracked down the lead singer of Minny's favorite band. "The Rockin' Dead", it took quite a long time to find the guy and she was sure that she was gonna get murdered when she happened upon him on Twitter, on a weird account with less than 100 followers even though the guy was a multimillionaire, with his own radio show and everything.


Unlike his band mates, this guy, Danny Melblank had stayed in VDLM. He now lived at RichFriend Avenue, and had purchased a building with 15 floors and a giant antenna on top of it to broadcast his radio show, yet here she was finding him on Twitter. Turns out that account was actually a secret between him and his family, but for some reason in some random search, Anna had typed the right combination of words. "Rockin' Deadly Show of Doom" An amalgam search of everything Danny Melblank had made in his career. This prompted a username "RoDeShoom". It was a weird name for sure, but when she started seeing who he followed, she saw that of course he followed only the important things. The band, the radio show and then Sister Doom, and only Sister Doom. Of course her being Danny's actual blood relative and former band member. It was weird, so she took a chance, and dm'ed the guy.


It was him. The real Danny Melblank, and he was up for it. Told her to meet him at his studio building and he'd give her a tour so she could then take Minny on a date to the place. Anna hadn't told her but today she was going to show her the signed Rockin' Dead shirt and take her to meet her idol.


Life had other plans however.


When Anna arrived at the ad agency, the smell hit her again, but now she knew what she was smelling. She was smelling rot. In the ground in front of her was an abominable thing, the security guard that had shot Jimmy now lay in the handicap parking spot, his body ripped in half.


Jimmy was nowhere to be found.


She rode her bike all the way into the building riding right through the security desk.


She took off her helmet and ran to the office in the first floor. Minny had told her that once while she was working there, someone had tried to rob the place, but the building's secretary a lean girl with a mean criminal record, knocked the guy silly with a tire iron she kept hidden in the file closet.


She got the tire iron, she spun around towards the main elevator and right as she was cross the door out of the office, Jimmy punched her in the face. Right between her left cheekbone and her eye was now a huge bloody spot. The blood was not hers, but from the look of Jimmy's mouth it was very likely the security guards. Anna fell to the floor and crawled back looking to escape the new threat. She gut and tried to run but Jimmy launched himself to her. She dodged him, and he landed face first right where she had been earlier on the floor. She took a look at the creature. It looked fucking angry, and I mean angry. Like take10 rabid dogs and mush them together and then add the Tasmanian tiger angry. The thing was fucking out for blood. That was definitely not Jimmy anymore, Anna did not know what is was, but while it laid there face first trying to regain his balance, she took the tire iron, reeled back and swung it right in the back of Jimmy's demonic look-a-like. It was disgusting! Blood went everywhere, and Jimmy kept moving! The fucking thing kept moving. She hit it again, and more blood, and more movement. Then again!


Splash! went the blood, and the body kept twitching like it was a dancing skeleton from one of those Mexican puppet shows.


Splash! She hit him again.










Exhausted she stumbled back to see what she had done. The thing was now dead. Really dead, it was not going to eat anyone ever again, neither was Anna as she vomited on a plant near by, figuring that if something was going to cause a huge problem it was probably going to be the dead man on the floor with his bashed in brains, not some indoor Hibiscus watered only to perpetuate the Creative Agency's sense of entitlement.


Anna's thoughts raced through her brain like cosmic horses competing against one another at the speed of light. The existential crisis was bubbling up inside here, she knew not if she was cut out for this, she thought it was probably best if she killed herself, and then she remembered. She remembered Minny's sweet voice as they sat in their back porch almost every night to discuss their failures and successes of the day. How kind Minny was whenever Anna got sick, and how she would say home to take care of her, or send her Uber eats so she wouldn't have to cook while she was resting. Minny so sweet and so kind, so loving. Anna felt that she didn't deserve her, but she had to try. She took a second look at what remained of Jimmy who was sprawled on the floor with what loo like a Jackson Pollock painting where his head should be.


And she saw the keys. You know the keys I am talking about, the big circle o' keys that every janitor carries strung around their belts like the keys to the Matrix. Access to any imaginable place within the confines of this particular Creative Agency building in Downtown Valle de los Muertos. She grabbed the keys and cautiously walked around the mess. She eyed the keys and found a key that made the Utility Elevator work, this was wonderful, as it was the only elevator that could take an employee from the ground level up to the private parking lot where Minny's car would be. The same elevator where Anna last heard Minny's voice.


She approached the elevator, she pressed the button and waited patiently for the elevator to arrive.


She grabbed her phone and made a call to Minny, still no response.


Was she alright? Was she even still here or did was she headed home? Or worse yet what if she got completely overwhelmed by this and left Anna behind?


Then the sound of the elevator chimed, the same one from the phone call.


The elevator came to a stop on her floor and the doors slowly opened.


The smell again! So disgusting, so horrible, she almost passed out, but she could not quit, she had to remain strong for Minny.


Inside the elevator laid a freshly decomposing body, someone had stuck a phone into the things throat. It jammed it completely, it laid there motionless, trying in vane to open or close it's mouth. Anna disgusted saw it and for a weird moment she felt remorse, almost empathy. Then she swung the tire iron and finished the job.


The elevator ride was not a good one, not a good one at all. Disgusting, disgusting through and through, horrible and to add pain to the injury. The phone in the thing's throat came loose when she hit and it was Minny's phone. This explained why Minny wasn't answering her phone.




She arrives at the private parking lot, and stepped out of the elevator.


Now normally, normally being of course Monday through Friday, Minny would park right next to the elevator since that was her assigned parking spot, but on special occasions, which is what Minny would call her Saturday shifts, she would find the farthest parking spot in the back, usually one with no cars around. This was because ever since her days as a high school cheerleader, she would smoke a celebratory cigarette after their big games. Kinda like her ritual. The day she got the big promotion that launched her career and rocketed Anna's and Minny's lifestyles, was a Saturday, and right before going into work she had done her ritual.


Anna knew Minny down to the core, so she knew that if she was overwhelmed then there's definitely one thing she would not let go of, and that was her Saturday celebratory cigarette.


Anna opened the door to the last parking spot, and the smell hit her, this time it wasn't the horribly disgusting smell, no this time it was the smell of cigarette. Just like Anna predicted Minny's silhouetted back could be seen from where she was.


Anna called out but Minny must have been too far. She didn't move. Anna calls for Minny once more as she closes the distance between them, still no answer. She  approaches Minny eager to hug her and wisp her away from this horrible nightmare. She notices the still burning cigarette on the floor. next to Minny. Minny's hair covered her eyes but streams of tears can be seen on her cheeks. She had collapsed to tears during her cigarette, but no worries Anna was her and together they would be safe.


Anna reached Minny and elated squeezes her as hard as she can, falling down on the ground next to her in the process. With pure joy in her eyes and in her heart, Anna turns to face Minny and kisses her. Lips open, finally back home. Eyes closed, dissolving the madness around them like an orb of healing that springs from inside them. A moment of passion in this hell hole of an earth and in that instant everything is back to normal. Their kiss as passionate and cold as the night they first kissed so many years ago...


"Cold?" Wonders Anna.


Then a sharp pain is felt through her body emanating at the lips. It's as if someone had just stuck a fork on her tongue. She bolts back, but Minny does not want to let go of the embrace. Hugging her harder, she leans into her neck.

Anna struggles to let go, and then she understands.


Minny darts her head back dragging along all the hair that was covering her face.


Anna opens her mouth to scream, but it's cut short as Minny rips into the side of her neck, taking with her a piece of skin the size of a steak.


A delicious steak, made with love.


Minny tumbles on top of Anna, her smaller body struggling to get away. Mouth bloodied, neck gushing, Minny's hands on Anna's face and as they near her eyes Anna can see no more. Only pain, anger, suffering and hunger. A hunger so insatiable that causes Minny to rip directly into Anna's chest, one bite after another till she has finally gone through the rib cage, one more bite and Anna is no more.


The End.








Posted by Mabelma - January 15th, 2021

This comic reader gadget is a Flash developed App that allows you to:

  • read a webcomic using panel to panel navigation and page to page movement
  • Add a sound track to your webcomic experience
  • Expand upon your webcomic world with a character database, an environments sheet,and an about page.
  • Bookmark important moments in your comic with the bookmark feature.
  • Link to other places like your store, or your website
  • All with the magic of Flash and now Ruffle Emulation

This specific versions of the Comic Reader focuses around the 2004, Art Forum Battle Royale from right here in NG. Read the events in forum-form.

It features 15+ pages of comics taken from the forum and put together in this interactive environment. It's easily navigated using your keyboard keys and the bottom arrows of the book, all with your mouse. If you get stuck for whatever reason, use the bookmarks to get the around, or if all else fails click the top left corner to go back to the beginning and start again.

Have fun, enjoy the show, and if you'd like to give this open source app a try with your own comic, hit me up on Private Message and I'll send you the source .fla (Adobe Flasch AS2) for you to mess around.

Feel free to post your feedback, and any bug you might find. It took me a long time to put this together, and I learned a lot in the process so I might go back and fix some extra bugs on this build, but I am much more interested in doing a Port to Unity so we can go mobile with it. Let's see what the year brings.

Huge thanks to all the artists that worked on this comic more than 17 years ago. Hope this brings joy to y'all.

One last thing, check out the poster at the end with a bunch of characters in the database together and some extra NG chars to have some fun.



Posted by Mabelma - March 19th, 2020

Alpha 0.3 of the comic reader is going live later today. Dm me if you’d like to test it. Check out this trailer video I put together 😂😁




Posted by Mabelma - June 25th, 2019


Interactive App:

Over the span of several months 60+ artists joined forces to illustrate the characters we hoped would be in Super Smash Brothers:

1- MrSnappyEagle- SackBoy (https://twitter.com/MrSnappyEagle

2- Datbx- MaskedMan (https://twitter.com/datbx_)

3- Of Rosak- Guiegue (https://twitter.com/OfRosak)

4- waro- Doctor Eggman (https://www.instagram.com/__dimitri______________)

5- pabl0km- Tomba (https://twitter.com/Pabl0km)

6-Sharp-knives- Banjo Kazooi (https://twitter.com/SHARP_KNIVESS)

7-Droilius- CrashBandicoot (https://twitter.com/Droilius)

8-Funnyboijulius- Geno (https://twitter.com/funnyboijulius1)

9- Spoopie-Doopie- Spyro (https://twitter.com/spoopie_doopie)

10- babbysprite-Kei (https://twitter.com/babbysprite)

11-OctoDoesArt- Bandana Waddle Dee (https://twitter.com/OctoErnest)

12- TAR_HEAD- Isaac (https://twitter.com/TAR_HEAD)

13- Gravitopia64-MumboJumbo (https://twitter.com/gravitopia64)

14-Nonthings- ParappaTheRapper (https://twitter.com/nonthings1)

15-uranimus- Raz (https://twitter.com/uranimus)

16-TheGrayKirby- Waluigi (https://twitter.com/thegraykirby)

17- Yokomation- Lara Croft (https://twitter.com/yokomation)

18- KaiNovaKnight- Skull Kid (https://twitter.com/KaiNovaKnight)

19- Cheese Steven- Sans (https://www.reddit.com/user/Pizzano_Stevano)

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27- Gremlin Oreo- Conker (https://twitter.com/JordanOral)

28- Starjeti- Karate Joe (https://twitter.com/starjeti)

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30- Bio Boyo- Funky Kong (https://twitter.com/bio_boyo)

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32- ZacharyMorine- Billy Hatcher (https://twitter.com/ZacharyMorine)

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34- NuzFungus- Jibanyan (https://twitter.com/nuzfungus?lang=he)

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36- Ur_everyday-fan- Mallow (https://twitter.com/ur_everyday_fan)

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48- Shwarmo- Ristar (https://twitter.com/shwarmo)

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50- Mojo- Shantae (https://twitter.com/heyits_mojo))

51- hexalbee- The Batter (https://twitter.com/hexalbee)

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56- MacintoshVevo- The Prince of All Cosmos (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXiqY2Log8V65dazbdHF14w?))

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63- ChippleDipple- YungVenuz (https://twitter.com/ChippleDipple)

Hi-Res Printable Free Poster:

11” x 17”



Kreepman- Super Smash Bros. Brawl Medley (kreepman.newgrounds.com)

Produced by @Mr.SnappyEagle (http://twitter.com/MrSnappyEagle) and @AntonioMabs (http://twitter.com/antoniomabs)

Video Edited and Artists Cards by @MacintoshVEVO (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXiqY2Log8V65dazbdHF14w?)

Announcer Voice by @PonehAnon (http://twitter.com/PonehAnon)



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40 likes away of picking the winners of this caricature giveaway. Help spread the word with a RT and participate to win a drawing of your beautiful face 💗💗💗

*you can also post your original characters instead and I’ll draw them if you win.



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