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Gmon Outta This Gmon Outta This

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For a freestyle it's pretty nice. I suggest you stay clear of the egotistical rapping, try and tell a story with your rhymes rather than just saying, "I'm great, I'm great, I'm great" It makes for better songs in my opinion. Apart from that there's not much else to say, seeing as it's only a freestyle I can't actually judge your rhyming but keep going mate, and keep posting for sure, don't stop.

Lamazar1 responds:

Thank you! I really appreciate this review. I'm glad you didn't vote down on me too much and understood that I was just saying the first things that came to my mind that kind of sounded similar lol. I'll take your advice when I actually sit down to write a song and maybe soon will start even making my own beats to flow with. If you have any more suggestions PM me and we'll talk some time.